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Folks - Ep.0 - Introductions

This is the section of the content where through conversation we explore and chronicle the experiences of varied groups of individuals connected to Ghana: natives and expats. "Truth telling is best done from

Culture - Ep.0 - What It Is

I remember watching some of the proceedings when the United States House held a hearing of its subcommittee o House Hearing, 110th Congress - From Imus to Industry: the Business of Stereotypes and

12 Years A Returnee - Ep.0 - Welcome

This series of content is meant to take a candid, earnest, respectful but at-times critical look at the multiverse of experiences Ghana offers, and to spark what I believe are much-needed conversations, discussions, and interactions on and about them.

Bustle One - Ep.0 - Introducing..

We respect your attention so we won't squander it by asking you to read, look at or listen to things unworthy of it. You already know you can get boatloads of that elsewhere.