The F R E S H MAG is a Ghana-based, multi-platform magazine capturing and reporting stories on people, projects, products, and services. F R E S H shares these stories to a worldwide audience, placing Ghana’s local realities in a global context so that listeners, viewers and readers can better appreciate the happenings, challenges and opportunities in the country.

F R E S H uses curated in-sourced and crowdsourced content to provide content consumers with a current, reliable and useful source of information on how to be a fresher, more in-the-know, and effective denizen in Ghana.

As we prepare to produce the various editions of the magazine, F R E S H is always looking for:

  • Content Contributors
  • Interviewees

Content Contributors include anyone who wants to submit:

  • Articles – op-eds, long or short-form features,
  • Videos – interviews, podcasts,
  • Images – photographs, paintings,
  • Audio Recordings – podcasts, interviews,
  • Other media

Content contributors are encouraged to use this form to make their submissions and visit the Contact page to register as a member of F R E S H.

Interviewees include anyone willing to have their responses to questions videoed or recorded on any of the following themes of our content:

  • F R E S H Goods -  focusing on physical and/or digital products.
  • F R E S H Bustlers - focusing on entrepreneurs, pioneers, champions of industry
  • F R E S H Folks - where through conversation we explore and chronicle the experiences of varied groups of individuals connected to Ghana: natives and expats.
  • F R E S H Projects - content exploring initiatives, and projects, geared toward raising awareness and visibility of their activities, and highlighting the issues and outcomes.
  • F R E S H Circles - interviews with the administrators or heads of organizations, societies, clubs, groups, associations, to enable a better understanding of their goals and activities.
  • F R E S H Culture – the section of our content:
  • F R E S H Voices – is the section of our content